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Our State Of The Art Electronic Leak Detection Technologies Will Locate Any Leak No Matter How Small, Without Draining The Pool

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Our Expert Technicians Are Certified SCUBA Divers And Can Complete Repairs & Reach Areas Other Pool Companies Just Can't

Pressure Testing

We Can Fully Diagnose Whether Or Not There Are Any Existing Plumbing Leaks Present Within Your System And Isolate Them

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Our Non-Invasive Leak Tracking Technologies Can Pinpoint Any Underground Plumbing Leaks With Accuracy & Save Thousands

How To Bucket Test Your Pool For Leaks

In order to perform this test you will need the following 3 household items: 

  • Bucket
  • Brick, or stone 
  • Tape, or Pencil

Step 1: Place a brick or stone into the bucket then place it on the first or second step of the pool.

Step 2: Fill the bucket with water up to the same level of the water in the pool and mark the water levels using the tape or pencil on the bucket and on the pool.

Step 3: Wait 24 hours and check to see if the pool's water level has dropped lower than the bucket's. If it has, you have a leak in your pool. If the levels are equal, your pool is not leaking.

My Pool Is Leaking, What Now?

If you have discovered that your pool is leaking, you can follow these next 3 steps in order to easily narrow down the water loss problem to a pool plumbing issue, or if the leak stems from within the pool's interior. These next steps will save you money on unnecessary diagnosis and will help save you time in getting your pool leak issue resolved.

Step 1: Turn off all pool equipment (pump, heater, etc)

Step 2: Insert your winter plugs into the pool jets and the skimmer(s)

Step 3: Monitor your water level over the next 24hrs

If your pool did not lose any more water after completing these steps, your water loss problem is related to the pool's plumbing system. If the leak persisted after completing these steps, your water loss problem is related to the pool's interior.

*No matter what you have discovered during these tests, AQUA~PATCH can dispatch a qualified technician to your residence to pinpoint the exact source and position of the leak non-invasively, using a variety of industry leading technologies designed for these purposes. Once we've marked the location of the leak, our technicians can begin to repair the issue immediately. Our non-invasive approach ensures that disruptions to your property and landscaping are kept to an absolute minimum during the locating & repair process.

If for any reason you are unable to complete these steps please contact us and it will be our pleasure to have a qualified technician assist you

7 Indicators That Show Your Pool May Be Leaking

  • You are losing more water than usual (anything more than 1/4 inch per day)
  • You have to add water to your pool more than once per week
  • Your pool deck or interlock is shifting or sinking
  • There are soggy spots around the pool, or pool equipment
  • There is sand or dirt coming out of your returns or drain
  • There is air in your plumbing system
  • There is no water in your pool ;)

If You Have Discovered That Your Pool Is Leaking

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