Pool Leak Detection

Our State Of The Art Electronic Leak Detection Technologies Will Locate Any Leak No Matter How Small, Without Draining The Pool

Scuba Pool Repair

Our Expert Technicians Are Certified SCUBA Divers And Can Complete Repairs & Reach Areas Other Pool Companies Just Can't

Pressure Testing

We Can Fully Diagnose Whether Or Not There Are Any Existing Plumbing Leaks Present Within Your System And Isolate Them

Underground Leak Locating

Our Non-Invasive Leak Tracking Technologies Can Pinpoint Any Underground Plumbing Leaks With Accuracy & Save Thousands


AQUA~PATCH uses sophisticated leak tracking technologies which enable us to electronically map your pool's interior lining, fixtures and plumbing system accurately. Our certified technicians can pinpoint the exact location of any cracks, holes or small tears in the liner or structure of your pool which are causing any water loss issues.

Our team utilizes electronic leak detection equipment to diagnose and locate any leaks stemming from inside or outside of your pool in just one easy appointment. Whether you have an above ground pool or a commercial water park. Our experienced technicians can diagnose your pool problem, locate the issue and repair your pool all within the same appointment.


When you book an appointment with AQUA~PATCH, we will complete an electronic scan of your pool's interior in order to identify any potential leaks. Don't waste your swim season trying to find a pesky leak, our technology can find any leak even as small as a pinhole. We also dispatch a certified scuba diver technician within the same appointment to investigate the scanner's readings and make any necessary repairs. Our dive techs will also perform an inspection of all your pool's interior fittings and report on the overall health of your liner. It is the minority of pools where we only find one source of the leak. When you book an appointment with AQUA~PATCH you can rest assured that our experienced technicians will find and repair all your pool leaks in just one easy appointment.

What to expect when you book an appointment?

We will dispatch an experienced technician ASAP with the necessary equipment to diagnose your leak and give upfront pricing. We ask that prior to your appointment you turn off your pool pump and clear the working area and we will take care of the rest.



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AQUA~PATCH services all types of pools and provides a full range of leak detection services to locate, diagnose and repair your pool's water loss. We always use the latest and most sophisticated technology available in order to map and pinpoint even the smallest of leaks with accuracy. Our friendly technicians record all pool inspections so that you can see exactly what damage we discover during our visit and subsequently the repairs.

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